My Top 7 Apps For Writers

Jan 27, 2017

As a young writer in 2017, I am always looking for apps and gadgets that will help me in my writing journey. As someone who used to rely on oodles of physical notebooks, I can tell you that technology is a huge help with little things you never realized you need help with. I want to share some of my favorite apps that I use to assist me when I'm writing. Perhaps they'll be helpful for you, too. *Note: These are available on iPhone and Android for FREE!

Google Keep

My life has never been the same after using this app. Seriously. I love it so much. It's essentially a note-taking app, but there are so many useful options that help you get extremely organized. You can make lists, save images, set reminders, and even draw free-hand doodles. You can customize things by colors and labels, which is great for different storylines and character developments you need to cluster together. I also love that it's not too specific -- you're not bogged down by rules and restrictions, so you can use the app in ways you want it to work for you.


It may seem like a dull app because it is a dictionary, but I guarantee you will use it a LOT. Merriam-Webster's app not only helps you define words, it also gives you examples on how to use certain words in various sentences. They provide synonyms and antonyms, which are great for when you've used "said" too many times in your dialogue. You can keep a log of words you've searched so you can revert back to it at anytime, and there are even games to play. Yes, you can play games in a dictionary app. Writers on any level can benefit from this.


Okay, so this one isn't exactly an app for your phone. It's an extension you can add to your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). This extension has recently become my best friend. Grammarly constantly keeps track of your spelling and grammar. It will highlight any errors in red and when you click on the highlight, a pop-up of solutions appear so you can correct yourself. It's a great aide for when you need to get some editing done. Think of it as your personal online grammar-hound.

Forest: Stay Focused

Online writing is difficult when you've got Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and dozens of other online distractions at your fingertips. This app turns concentration into a cute planting game. You set the amount of time you need to focus for (the longer amount of time = bigger the plant), and get to work. The app will alert you with a scold if you lose focus and try to use your phone. After the time is up, your plant will have grown! I'm a little addicted to growing my forest, and it's all good because I'm improving my concentration.

Rain Sounds - Relax and Sleep

My best writing gets done when there's something calm playing in the background. Sometimes it's a favorite movie, other times it's this app.  It is a great way to focus. There are so many selections of "background noise"- birds chirping, water flowing, fire crackling, etc. Choose what makes you most in-tune with yourself and get started.


I used Tumblr back when I was a pre-teen, and I continued to use it until the start of college. Now that I've rejoined, I am grateful for it's sense of community. Tumblr is a social blogging app that allows you to share stories, quotes, images, and basically any form of media you wish to share. You can also browse through different communities and interests to help find inspirations. I love using this platform to connect with other artists around the world. Although writers are known to be hermits, we do enjoy socialization every once in a while and Tumblr is the perfect place for introverted connections.

Give these apps a try and let me know what you think. Did they work out fantastically for you, or were they ineffective? Send me some thoughts. Also feel free to share what apps you personally love using. I'd love suggestions.
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