Pairing Teas To (And In) Your Desserts

Jan 24, 2017

As the North East is being faced with huge storms, all I want to do is stay inside and cover myself in warmth. Sometimes nothing does the job better than a cup of tea and a comforting snack. While I roamed around the shadows of my kitchen this morning (no sunlight-- just rain and clouds!) I wondered about teas for a bit: How do they pair so well with desserts? Well, we could say they are a lot like wine or coffee: They have distinct tastes that just marry perfectly with others! So I've compiled a list of common teas that pair perfectly with some common desserts to help you discover your favorite afternoon snack. I'm also going to share some recipe ideas that have tea IN the dessert so you can enjoy both flavors in one bite.

Earl Grey - A black tea infused with bergamot oil, a type of citrus fruit. 

Pairs well with: Dark chocolate and citrus desserts, both separately and combined.
Common desserts: Dark chocolate cake, citrus scones, chocolate orange cardamon cookies, brownies, lemon pound cake.
Desserts with Earl Grey tea: Earl Grey scones with orange glaze, chocolate Earl Grey truffles.

Green - A tea with a variety of types, ranging from savory greens to fruity and grassy flavors.

Pairs well with: Lightly sweetened desserts, mainly buttery and creamy textures.
Common desserts: Cheesecake, pumpkin pie, creme brule, croissants, carrot cake.
Desserts with Green tea*: Green tea tiramisu, matcha cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, green tea ice cream.
*When adding green tea to desserts, it is common to use matcha powder, which is a fine-ground green tea powder.

Darjeeling - Commonly a black tea with floral and sweet flavor.

Pairs well with: Fruit-based desserts.
Common desserts: Mixed fruit tarts, apple crumble, fruit pies, strawberry parfaits, raspberry crumb bars.
Desserts with Darjeeling tea: Poached pears with Darjeeling cream, Darjeeling tea peach pie.

Chai - A fragrant black tea with many spices, such as cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and sometimes vanilla.

Pairs well with: Vanilla and warm spiced flavors, both separately and combined.
Common desserts: Rice pudding, sugar cookies, cinnamon rolls, creme brule, snickerdoodles.
Desserts with Chai tea: Chai cake with vanilla glaze, vanilla Chai ice cream.

What flavor combination is your favorite? Let me know. I personally love Chai. Have fun experimenting!

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