My Back to School Survival "Kit"

Aug 28, 2017

Monday is the start of my school semester and I'm -wait for it- EXCITED to go back! I know it's hard to let go of the summer lovin', but heading back to school can be amazing for lots of reasons. Some of my favorites are:
  • Back to school SHOPPING. Enough said.
  • Fall weather starts rolling in. Bring on the chunky sweaters + orange leaf piles.
  • Reading something out of the norm. Ancient British literature, bring it on.
See? Now that I've got you a bit hyped, I'm going to share my essential "kit" (more like a guide) for getting the most out of the school year.

Planners are a Must
You don't want to start any classes on the wrong foot. The key to keeping sane is staying organized. Planners literally do that for you. Exams, assignments, personal responsibilities, and daily tasks can be tracked in your planner. Getting your schedule on paper gives you the option to see your thoughts, ensuring that you won't forget anything. Plus, there are attractive design options to choose from! Get one and use it.

Looks DO Matter
At least when it comes to stationery. When shopping for supplies, pick the items that are durable AND appealing to your aesthetic. Favorite color is blue? Get blue notebooks, pens, and highlighters. Create a theme! When you have attractive supplies, you enjoy looking at them. You'll enjoy using them. And that creates efficiency. Got it?

Efficient Work Spaces are *Not Optional
Seriously. I wrote a whole post on it. Check it out here!

E-Readers are Your New Study Buddies
Lugging heavy textbooks will soon be a thing of the past. If you're responsible for getting textbooks, look for online options. PDFs and e-books can be viewed on your tablet or e-reader which are so much easier to carry. These also have options to highlight, add notes, and bookmark without the extra supplies. Another great thing? Online books are almost ALWAYS cheaper. There's only good to come of this!

Using Tech to Your Advantage
Don't let the stigma fool you. Educational. Apps. Are. A. Thing. And they can be extremely helpful! Phones don't have to be a distraction. I'll be sharing a post on the apps that I use for school soon, so stay tuned!

Treasure Your Body
Your body is a beautiful machine. Keep it fueled on the right things. Eating healthier options not only keeps you feeling energized, but it can improve focus and boost your mood. I'd recommend filling your pantry with snacks like popcorn chips, hummus, bagged veggies, and chocolate-covered blueberries. Absolutely perfect for study breaks! Yum!

Meditation Isn't Just for Yogis
I've recently gotten into meditation and wow it's amazing. I had to add it to this list because since I've started I've been able to relax even in the MIDDLE of stressful situations. Best part? It only takes five minutes. Yep. All you have to do is this: 1) Set a timer for five minutes, 2) Close or soften your eyes, 3) Take long, deep breaths, and 4) Focus on the movements of your body. Suddenly that midterm doesn't seem so bad now, right?

I hope this is helpful to you! What are some things you'd like to try? Do you have any tips to surviving the school year? Share 'em! Let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear them. I hope this kit will guide you through an easy and stress-free school year. Good luck!
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