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Oct 27, 2017

Surprise! I haven't done any book reviews since returning to school, but I have a really exciting one to share today. A brand-new author, Kelley Green, has published her FIRST book and I had the opportunity to get my hands on it before anyone else. I also got the chance to not only review this book, but also get a fun Q + A with the author! Keep reading to learn more about Kelley Green and her newest book, perfectly imperfect.

A summary of perfectly imperfect from the author's official website:
Kelley Green's “perfectly imperfect” takes the reader on an alliterative journey to the intricate depths of the human psyche. From childhood hardships and ever-pervading self-doubt to the tumultuous waves of both love and hate, this collection of gripping poems and inspirational tidbits invites you to join the poet in a reflective and just as cathartic experience. Infused with valuable wisdom, each piece reminds the reader of life’s only constant: change and life’s key to happiness: self-love.

Exclusive Q + A with Kelley Green:
1. What inspired you to write perfectly imperfect? 
I was inspired to write perfectly imperfect because I felt called to create something that allowed me to be open enough to heal the hearts of those left broken. This is actually a snippet of the introduction of the book and it is also the foundation for why I wrote the book: "Having found myself going through a tough, uncertain time in my life due to the loss of three family members in 2015, I found myself drawn to writing as my form of therapy. I started off as posting inspirational quotes on social media until one day I felt called to write my book. I wanted to create something tangible and relatable that could be on the nightstand, or bookshelf, or coffee table of anyone and everyone who has ever felt like they were going through something alone or underserving of love. I want them to know they are perfectly imperfect.

2. Perfectly imperfect talks about family, love, and life. What did your family and friends think about this book?
Everyone is very excited that I’ve written the book and are very supportive! To be honest, many close family members have not read the book yet because some of the chapters include sexual references and they all get squeamish at the idea of reading it. I made sure to make the references tasteful but they’d rather not digest what I wrote.

3. What book(s) have left an impact on you?
There are three books that have left an impact on me. They are “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, and "The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

4. Do you have a favorite poem/prose piece from perfectly imperfect? Which one, and why?
Funny enough, my favorite piece is actually on the back cover of the book. It says “you are worthy of receiving the kind of love you love to give.”
I love this quote because as someone who is very loving but had not always been loved, I think of this quote as a reminder that I am deserving of love and love shall find me.

5. Describe your typical morning:
When I wake up, before I get out of bed and my feet even hit the ground, I first thank God for waking me up and the people that I love. Then I reach over to my nightstand to read 4 things:
1. An affirmation to attract love.
2. A book my father bought me for Christmas in 2015 called “Positive Quotes for Every Day by Patricia Lorenz.
3. Another set of affirmations (I love affirmations and created a free guide to mastering affirmations which is at
4. Lastly, I read the four agreements from the book “The Four Agreements” by Dr. to ensure I have my mind in check as I navigate my day.

6. Three words to describe yourself:

Empowering, Loving, Blessed

Pros: Green knows how to use her personal voice to connect with others. Her poetry shows a lot of true emotion and character, which helped me learn a lot about her individuality while connecting my own experiences. Good poetry can do that. The book is split up into different turning points in life, extremely reminiscent of Rupi Kaur's Milk & Honey -- some chapters are heavy on the heart and others are a bit easy-going. I loved that dynamic. There were also a few poems with a musical flow, a vibe that would be perfect for spoken word. I found myself swaying in rhythm with those particular lines. Green does a fantastic job at creating solid life mottoes. These are poems that you can flip through during your day to remind you that you matter. My favorite part of perfectly imperfect is the ending. The language was most powerful and insightful -- a great way to end a story on a note of self-love.

Cons: There was repetition in some sections. Ideas and exact words were repeated in multiple poems. That made me lose interest at times, because the similarity almost made it feel unnecessary. I also thought the chapter on love had quite a few clich├ęs. Character, culture, and individuality went missing because of that. I missed the depth that illuminated in the other chapters.

Overall: If you're looking for a modern poetry/prose book that details a coming-of-age type of story, this is perfect for you. Milk & Honey fans will appreciate this for sure! This book is also fantastic for daily self-love reminders -- a book you can keep on your coffee table. If you're looking for lengthy, wordy, ornate poetry, this isn't the right choice for you.

Personal Rating Score: 4/5

You can purchase perfectly imperfect here, or find it on Amazon!

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