January Gratitude: 5 Things I Loved This Month

Feb 2, 2018

Looking at my life in a different perspective is something I really want to do this year. With the hustle of being a student, business owner, and employee it's hard for me to spend time appreciating. So I've decided to create this segment on the blog where I share five things I loved throughout each month. Maybe you'll find a product or idea that will resonate with your life, too!

Having Time Off
I didn't have to attend school for the entire January. It was great! I spent a lot of time reading, cuddling with my pets, baking, and writing in my journal. I think it's necessary to have some down time for yourself and WITH yourself. It helps with finding peace. It's also a fantastic time to understand who you are as an individual. You are not your degree, job, or social media persona. And using some vacation days or breaks from school to discover that can be extremely healing. It was for me.

I spend HOURS of my day on bookstagram (Instagram group for bookworms). This online community is filled with amazing humans who share the love for reading. I've built a lot of strong relationships there! Everyone is mostly positive, supportive, and friendly. It's a fun experience, so long as I don't get too attached (which I think is a rule of thumb for any social media group). I also want to note that with these kinds of communities where competition inevitably ensues (due to follower and like counts), things and people get tricky. Don't let numbers control the experience you have online. Or else, what's the point?

My Bullet Journal
Thank you, Bullet Journal, for keeping me sane. If you've been seeing these journals everywhere lately, there's a reason why! It's gaining attention online for being an efficient form of organization for ANYONE. Whether you're a doctor, student, business owner, or stay-at-home parent, this structure of journaling will work with you. Why? Because it's a blank book. YOU fill it up with whatever YOU need. Mine holds schedules, thoughts, goals, dreams and SO much more. Plus, it's a lot of fun while also holding my life together. If you want more info on what a bullet journal is, check this video out.

What have I been doing without Fitbit? The watch and app track everything I need to know about basic health habits -- daily steps, exercise, food logs, sleeping patterns, etc. Not only does it track, but it analyzes! Numbers are explained, calories are broken down, and everything is mapped out to understand better. The exercising app works with my level and never leaves me feeling scared to workout again. I've been using it for a full month. Not only have I lost weight but I've been eating healthier without feeling restricted. If you're looking for a smart and user-friendly health tracker, this is one I can recommend.

Independent Shops
Small shopping is so important. It helps your neighborhood flourish. It supports REAL people like you and myself, not money-hungry billionaires. I bought from a lot of small shops this month! Some of my favorites were this photo print from Forest Noir Photography, this bookmark from White Saturday & Co., and this bookish scarf from knit(able). These purchases felt so personal and that made me happy. It's not mass produced. It's genuinely made with a lot of love behind it and I think those are great vibes to be surrounded by.

I hope you enjoyed my list of January favorites! Do you want to keep seeing these at the end of each month? Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram, where you can find me most of the time. And definitely share which idea/product you'll try from my list if you decide to do that!

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