My 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 23, 2018

It's late November and that means one thing. My web browser is littered with gift guides. Gifts for yogis! Gifts for travelers! Gifts for nerds! I'm oddly mesmerized. I decided to create this Pies n' Prose gift guide decked with items for bookworms, foodies, artists, and journal enthusiasts. Being all of the above, I've actually bought everything on this list before! All that I recommend here is personal, genuine, and something I'd truly give as a gift (to myself and others).

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gifts for bookworms

Moleskine Passion Book Journal - My husband gifted me this for my birthday, so credit goes to him for finding such a gem. It's like the notebook version of a library catalog! I love that I can donate books to make space on my shelves while keeping a record of what I've owned/read.
Homesick Candle - This NYC candle took me back to springtime as a child. I think it'd be a really special moment to have a loved one open a gift and be comforted by the aromas of their hometown (I linked the NYC one but there are plenty to choose from).
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite - I prefer the Paperwhite over any other Kindle because it's lightweight, has zero glare, and it's cheaper than newer models while doing nearly the same job. It's a must for traveling, especially long trips.


gifts for foodies

Food Fortunes - How to frustrate me? Ask this: What's for dinner? The answer will always be: I DON'T KNOW. Flip a card from this deck and it reveals a cuisine to try. Now I have zero excuses for not answering that dreaded question (pst, my food tarot stickers were totally inspired by these cards).
Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine - If you like wine, infographics, or both, you'll love this book as much as I do. You'll learn a ton about wine and you won't get bored, either. I like to pull it out when I have friends over for drinks.
Wondermade Marshmallows - This was a hit for my husband one holiday season. There's a bunch of flavors like s'mores and chai tea. I think they're so cute! And marshmallows are always eaten during the holidays, am I right?


gifts for aspiring artists

Botanical Line Drawing - This book is one of my secret art tools. Sometimes drawing, even when they're doodles, can be intimidating. But this book makes me feel more confident.
Hand Lettering 101 - I have this book displayed because it's so beautiful! The tutorials have plenty of room for practice, which is the most important thing when learning how to hand letter. I'll be picking this up more often.
Finetec Pearlescent Watercolors - These watercolors are just gorgeous. They shimmer a ton but it's not just glitter. I use it to accent my magic or space paintings.


gifts for bullet journal lovers

Zebra Mildliner Highlighters - Bullet Journal 101 Tip: Start with a pen and accent highlighter (it helps the eye distinguish different tasks on the page). So I've been using Mildliners since day one.
Wonderland Stickers - This is a 100% shameless as heck plug! But like I said, I wouldn't recommend a gift if I didn't use and love it myself. I used them for my December set up and I'm sure they'll be cute for holiday card decorating (I'm having a shop wide sale, too).
Stencils - These stencils are still my go-to when I want to easily upgrade a spread. What I love most is that it fits in the back pocket of my journal so it's easy to carry.


gifts for women's fashion and musicians

Statement Sleeve Sweater - I feel like a superstar when I'm in this sweater - it's super cozy, I get tons of compliments, and my arms can't stop swaying! I found it on a whim, ya'll. Total happy accident.
Sock Booties - This was another happy accident! The "sock" texture on top makes the simple black boot 10x more stylish. I haven't worn any other shoe lately. Why would I?
Ukulele - As someone who has played guitar since high school, I'm here to tell ya that the ukulele is an approachable start to string instruments. You can learn a song in less than thirty minutes, promise.

I had a LOT of fun writing this gift guide, friends. I really hope one thing here will become a present for you or a loved one. If it does, tell me all about it! If not, let me know what you're choosing to gift instead. Happy holiday shopping, everyone.
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