2018, My Year in Photos

Dec 31, 2018

What. A. Year. If I could sum 2018 into one word, I'd say it was a year of change. So many changes. Some were great, others were absolutely terrible. But I don't want to bore you with long tales of my life. Let's look at some of my favorite photos that captured my 2018!

Winter time at City College - I'll never get over how magical my school looks.

Discovered my new favorite cafe... and sweater!

NYC skylines never get old for this New Yorker.

An ode to my skin spotted in Manhattan.

My favorite trip of the year - woke up to freshly fallen snow at the Getaway House.

Whipping out the guitar at the Getaway House. I actually prefer my ukulele now!

The view outside a cafe in the Catskills. How is this a casual cafe view? The Catskills is a magical place.

Ya girl is a college graduate! B.A in Creative Writing.

My favorite pasta dish of the year - Pesto Fettucine at Via Trenta in Astoria.

My favorite breakfast of the year - Buckwheat Biscuits and Turkey Feta Gravy at QWNS cafe in Astoria.

Managed to grow a tomato plant in a storage bin - it yielded over 30 tomatoes!!!

Logan saved me from a giant roach in the bathroom - he battled for 30 minutes with the 4-inch(!) bug until he ultimately swatted it into a trap. Logan = hero of the year.

Tried Prince Street Pizza in SoHo for the first time with co-workers at a new job. Pizza was great, but the job wasn't. I quit after a month.

Cut SO MUCH dead ends. Healthy silver hair!

Put the bookshelves up in our new apartment.

Books hanging from the ceiling at McNally Jacksons in SoHo.

Spotted these beauties while walking in the park.

My husband's favorite treat of the year - Ube Soft Serve at Soft Swerve in Manhattan.

Pumpkin Picking is an autumn tradition. We pick 'em, get soup dumplings for lunch, then head home to carve the pumpkins while watching Scream. This year we went back to the patch at night for a midnight corn maze.

Pizza Skulls were a hit at our first Halloween party.

Spotted this gem at the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. Best steak EVER.

The photo that became my official profile picture. I think I'll keep it for a while.

The famous window at Getaway House. It might be my favorite photo of the entire year.

Matthew Lillard tweeted at me and my life is now complete!!!

I picked up watercolor for fun this year and who knew that it would turn me back into the world of art. Fun fact: The first thing I ever wanted to "be" was an artist.

We did an amazing hike and saw some amazing waterfalls along the way.

Got this at my school's book sale for $3!! It's over 100 years old and has notes in it!!

Without a doubt the best VEGAN burger I've ever had - from Veggie Castle in Richmond Hill which fun fact is the neighborhood I grew up in.

Ending this off with my favorite sticker sheet from my shop. It's also a nod to bookstagram, which made most of my life this year.

I'd be lying if I said 2018 was the best year - there were times when changes were so bad that I didn't want to keep going. But here I am getting ready to welcome 2019. Change. It's a tricky thing sometimes. But it's always full of hope. I hope you hold onto that while we transition into a new year. I will be. I can't wait to spend 2019 with you all. I'll see you there!

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