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Dec 3, 2018

I’m back with another list and if you haven’t guessed it by now, I LOVE LISTS. And I have an extra soft spot for bucket lists. I write one for every season, sometimes for vacations or holidays. I prefer them over one great big list because I get to enjoy the moment more. Honestly, how likely am I to cross off something on a large list that probably includes skydiving or traveling across the world? Those things don’t happen on any given day. Let’s be practical with our bucket lists, people!

So today’s list is all about the holidays. Wintery, end of the year, full of merry and cheer type stuff. I think it’s a great way to get in the spirit of things. And if you don’t celebrate any holidays during December, I think the activities below will still be fun to do just for wintertime's sake!

holiday bucket list printable in journal spread


- host a winter party with festive music, themed food and drinks, and holiday trivia challenges
- draw a wintery scene and hang it in your home
- look at holiday lights around your neighborhood
- visit a Christmas tree farm and take photos (get a tree, too!)
- host a hot beverage party with seasonal flavored coffees, teas, and cocoas (my mom did this the year she got a Keurig and it was awesome)
- write an end-of-the-year letter to yourself (open it next December!)
- make homemade marshmallows for your cocoa
- send postcards to family and friends (challenge yourself with hand-drawn cards)
- create your own ornament (you can find the tools at local craft stores during this time of year)
- try a new cookie recipe (my favorite is mint stuffed chocolate cookies)
- turn on a holiday playlist while reading/writing/creating
- board game nights with cozy blankets and spiked eggnog included!

Let me know which idea sounds most fun to you and if you’re going to take the challenge of completing the ENTIRE list. That would be incredible! And if you want a cute FREE printable of this list plus a printable for your holiday movies and wishlists, enter your email below. Happy holiday planning!
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