2020 Thrive Market Review: Is It Worth It?

Jan 13, 2020

I'm back with another foodie review! Thrive Market has been gaining popularity online, mainly on YouTube, so I decided to make a purchase to see what the deal is with this grocery service. I bought this box with my own money and everything mentioned below is 100% honest and personal to my experience with Thrive Market. I'm going to break down my review in easy and precise points.

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What is Thrive Market?

Thrive Market is an online grocery store that offers competitive pricing and a curated shopping experience based on your lifestyle. Their mission encourages good quality and environmentally friendly groceries at a lower price than your average grocery store.

What do they offer?
Because it’s a grocery service, there’s no limit to how much you buy or what is included in the package. Free shipping kicks in at $49.

Their groceries are extensive:
Thrive Market brand goods
Food, Meat, Seafood
Vitamins & Supplements
Beauty & Skincare
Children, Home, & Pet Items

There is an annual $59.95 membership fee that they will credit you in difference if you don’t save more than that in the year (which implies they’re sure you’ll save more). If you want extra savings, click here for 25% off your first order.

Speaking of savings, they offer a highly competitive price on items which leads you to saving money in general.

The more you buy, the more “Thrive Cash” you earn, which is essentially reward dollars to use for future purchases. And the more you buy in bulk, the more rewards unlock. So if you spend $50 at a time, they will offer you a free sample of your choice! If you spend more, the rewards keep adding.

Perks don’t stop there. You can even earn “Thrive Cash” for simply leaving reviews on items you purchased.

Lastly, they offer weekly curated deals that range from coupons to free shipping and more.

Packaging: They use all recyclable packaging. There was no insulation in my box, but that’s because I purchased shelf-stable items. There’s an invoice sheet to easily account for your items. From bottles and jars to bags and cans, nothing was damaged in the packaging they used.

Product Availability: There is a LOT on this website. You’re not going to find fresh fruit and vegetables, but there’s a large variety of fun, unique, and quality shelf-stable items. I’m very impressed with selections that are not food related, though I did not purchase anything aside from food.

Easy to use? Thrive Market has an incredible website/app. The filters make it easy to find exactly what you need and the design makes it easy to navigate. Reordering, looking at past orders, and seeing favorite items is seamless. I genuinely have a good time scrolling on the site, which is something rare (or impossible) to find in the grocery world. Let’s be honest.

Savings: There are legit savings happening here. There’s a hit or miss on some products, which is to be expected. Overall, nearly everything I purchased on Thrive Market has been cheaper than my local grocery or Target.

Don't forget that you can get an extra 25% off here!

Let’s talk groceries! I’m only going to review specific Thrive Market brand items, because other items simply wouldn’t apply to a review of Thrive Market.

Organic Canned Pumpkin
Very basic and delicious pumpkin! I used it as a base for soup and it came out fantastic. Price: $1.99

Vegan Parmesan Style Cheese Alternative
This is an impressive cheese alternative. I’d say one of my favorites, honestly. I cannot tell it’s not vegan. I use it on top of pizzas and pastas. Price: $3.74

Vegan Mayonnaise
For sure a mayo-tasting mayo! I use it for tofu egg salad and burgers. I cannot tell the difference from actual mayo and I love the spout for easy pouring. I will say it’s a bit pricier for the amount in the bag but it’s still cheaper than most competitive vegan mayos. Price: $5.24

Value Breakdown

I ordered a total of 15 items for $39, plus a free sample! This is not typical - they were offering a Black Friday sale which gave me extra earnings. But that being said, Thrive Market tracks my savings and estimated that I saved $40 on this order. Doing the math, that sounds about right! Especially living in an urban area like NYC. You’ll need to check their pricing and see if the discounts are equal to what prices are like in your area.

Make sure to save an extra 25% off your first order if you're interested in trying Thrive Market.

This is a fantastic grocery service unlike any other. The prices are truly dependant on your area, but for me it offers great deals. If you look at the Thrive Cash, weekly curated sales, extremely convenient navigation, quality items, and environmentally friendly packaging, there’s no question Thrive Market is a great tool and place to shop. No other grocery store will offer that many rewards. For that, I highly recommend checking Thrive Market out!
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