Quarantine Quaroutine - My Social Distancing Daily Routine

May 11, 2020

I get lots of questions asking what an average day looks like for me. I figured now would be the best time to share insight, especially since we're all mostly working from home! I hope this shares helpful advice for working remotely during a time where our routines are unexpectedly turned upside down.

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Being at home can easily make lazy days, every day. But we need to maintain the structure to avoid burnout and potential mental health issues. You can read up on my essential social distancing care package here!

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It's only fair to disclose a bit about me - it affects what my days look like!

I'm a full-time employee at an office job and a part-time social media content creator.

I'm also married with no kids but a mom to a rascal cat and bunny! This means I don't only take care of myself - I have pets to care for and familial responsibilities shared with a spouse.

All of this is to say, I'm busy... always. I don't work around time, I make time work for me. See how I do that below!

Like, 8:15 on the dot!

I do the usual - brush teeth, slab toner and moisturizer on, get dressed. Yes, sweats and a tee count. Ian and I start the day with breakfast, so we head into the kitchen to whip something up. He's on coffee duty. I do the rest. The news is on while we eat, then we finish our coffee at our desk spaces (they're right next to each other!).

While I finish my coffee, I flip through my bullet journal to get an overview of what I’m working on that day. Then I:
  • Coordinate my general to-do list and daily to-do list.
  • Filter through new emails.
  • Answer DMs and new comments on my posts.
Once I get a thorough understanding of my day, it’s time to work!

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This is the first chunk of the day where I tackle tasks. I’m working full-time from home, so that’s what I'm mostly doing. I’ll spare you the boring details. But every 30 minutes or so, I get up for a quick walk to get the blood flowing. I post on my Instagram stories during those mini-breaks! I also refill my cup of water, because ya can’t forget the water.

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I make something simple for Ian and I. Usually leftovers, let’s be honest. We sit on the couch and eat, he goes back to work, and I usually upload my main post to Instagram.

I spend about half my break chatting with followers on Instagram and checking all social media accounts.

If I have a blog post or video pending, I spend my lunch break editing. Technically this is work. But I love it so I don’t mind. Yes, I am writing this on my lunch break...

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This is the last bit of work I’ll get done for the day, so I push through it. It’s usually not stressful because of the mini-breaks. The good thing about being home is that mini-breaks aren’t just walking to the bathroom! I check on my plants, give my cat a cuddle, stretch by Ian’s desk and have a little chat. Those few minutes throughout the day help the final stretch flow easily.

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We’re both logged off 100% by 5pm. Time for yoga! We clear the living room for a good 30-minute session. Ian preps dinner while I shower. I cook dinner while he showers. We like good food, so we spend time making it really tasty. After our meal, we indulge in our hobbies:

  • Video games
  • Reading
  • Painting
  • Taking a nap, heh
  • Scrolling through Instagram

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Games are saved, bookmarks in place. This is the time where we stop engaging and just relax. It’s important to divide our days up like this to avoid crashing or becoming overwhelmed. We like to have a few drinks while watching TV. Chatting is constant! This downtime has always been a part of our routine and it's my favorite part of the day.

I hope this was helpful, informative... or possibly entertaining? Let me know how you've been working from home and if you have any good tips to share! Sending lots of love and good health your way.
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  1. Hey Sarah!
    I hope this quarantine is treating you well! Thank you so much for sharing your routine with us, I love it! From my side, I actually have a "consistent" schedule too. Your hours of works are replaced with classes, but pretty close hehehe.
    Kisses from the other part of the world, Spain!

    Firdaous Alaoui.

    1. Hi Firdaous! Thank you so much! Sounds like we're on the same page :) I hope you're well. Take care!

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