July Favorites - Things I Learned and Loved

Aug 3, 2020

I'm trying to think of a roundup word for July and I can't. It just... flew by. I know that sounds cheesy but I can't recall when July started and how it's suddenly ending. The novelty of working from home is long gone and I'm just looking forward to the future. August will be the start of major changes in my life and I guess July was the blur that needed to happen. Here's what stuck with me this month:
major productivity!
Like I mentioned in June, I'm officially home alone. I've had lots of time to work! I'm really proud of my YouTube: I posted a video every single Friday. Say hello to a consistent YouTube schedule! July 2020 was when I finally got into a filming, editing, and posting groove.

I also took on new projects! I can't mention some yet (they're still in development). But one major project is moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle. I'm looking into sustainable brands, products, and habits to implement into my daily routine. So far, it has been a gratifying experience. I can't wait to keep going with this.

Patreon has also become a huge focus. I've developed a new group and we're getting along well! I'm hoping to expand so we have a community of our own.

july favorites what i learned and loved monthly roundup
what i've been consuming
YouTube. All the YouTube. Being alone means it's very quiet in the apartment. So I put YouTube on to fill the void. It's entertaining enough to pay attention, but not as needy as a podcast (I'd lose focus when working). Some of my favorite topics are veganism, vlogs, and Animal Crossing lol.

Shudder. Big surprise, huh? We finally got a subscription to this horror network! They never had good movies in the past, but they're starting to improve. We have been watching some really solid horrors lately.
some products i'm loving
S'well Takeaway Tumbler - Woman owned and diverse employees? A yes from me! Plus, they participate in programs towards sustainability. The matte black is sleek and I have no issues with it!

Kainku Handmade Face Mask - The fabric is such great quality! I'm always down to support a small business on Etsy. The spooky pattern is just my style. There's also a flap to insert filters.

Magic of I Pocket Journal - Hear this: 100% vegan, sustainable paper, plant-based packaging, donations to environmental organizations, small local printing, woman owned... the list goes on. This journal is special and beautiful... how could you not want to support such an incredible brand?

Yellowbird Jalapeno Condiment - I just happened to try this hot sauce.Ya'll - I could DRINK this sauce. I put it on everything. Vegan eggs, sandwiches, rice bowls... all the things! I got the bottle this month and I think I need to place an order for more.
looking forward.
July was a blur, but I made some great accomplishments. I'm glad I pushed through it. I'm glad there were more successes than failures. August is going to be a major month for me. I'll tell you all about it when it gets here but I'm excited to take on another project! You know me, I don't stop lol. Oh, and did I read a book? Nope. No, I did not. Maybe in August?

love sarah sign off

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