October Favorites - What I Learned and Loved

Nov 2, 2020

There it is, there it goes. Farewell, October. The countdown to next October begins. Friends, how was your month? I hope you found a way to add some tricks and treats and autumnal bliss to your days. We all deserve that much no matter what new reality we're living in.

content, content, and smooshing in all the autumn.

I posted a lot of content, ya'll. A LOT. From podcasts to videos, to daily photos and newsletters... I had plenty to share. I think my intense content schedule was a result from not being out and about this year. Let's be honest, I'd mostly be traveling to and from work had it been a normal October. But I'm not exploring or hanging out or dining in or finding fun experiences to do outside of home. My spooky season was virtual this year. The only way I knew to celebrate was to share my experiences and love for the season with you. I found my comfort in that this year. I hope you found some joy in the things I've posted. Maybe it helped supplement your own spooky season?

October 2020 Favorites Recommendations Wrap Up Reflections

some products I'm loving.

Logitech MX Vertical Ergonomic Mouse -  I have tendonitis in my wrist so it doesn't take much for my hands to flare up. I know carpal tunnel is a common thing, too! I haven't had any hand pain since using this ergonomic mouse. It's a life saver for those who work on the computer. Pricey, but worth the cost if you spend most of your day online.

Online Thrift Shopping - These days, it's hard to shop in person. It sucks cause I began my sustainability journey during a time where I can't shop second hand. But! There is the internet! My friend Ari introduced me to online thrift stores via Instagram with her own shop (the.vintage.cottage). It's so fun to shop second-hand at the ease of an Instagram post. And most shops curate their items.

Fat Choy - I have to mention this new vegan spot in Manhattan because of the CAULIFLOWER. Before you keep scrolling, hear me out. I hate cauliflower. I think it's flavorless and rubbery. Let me tell you that they make the best salt and pepper cauliflower. It's crispy, flavorful, delicious.

Ghost Stories - I don't have any to mention here without permission. I'm highlighting because I recently had people share their personal stories and wow, I am hooked. Ghost stories are fascinating, telling, and downright spooky. I love hearing them. So if you have one, feel free to share.

Vera - This app has been helpful for reminding me to water my plants. When I first downloaded, I didn't think it was great. But it looks like updates are coming! Which will include information about plants that might be helpful to keeping them alive! So cool.

Reviews - Ya'll have shown so much love on the reviews I post on this blog. I will continue to provide more! If you have anything specific you'd like me to review, let me know in the comments.

looking forward.

Ugh, October. I'm already prepared to miss you. The days are "getting shorter" and usually I don't mind, but it's hard to sit in the dark and work. I think it's making my head hurt lol. But these days, I force myself to focus on the good, good, good. Not ignoring the bad because change must come from there. But good for my mental health. Holidays are coming! Yummy food and snow and cozy sweaters are on the way. Let's find our good.

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