The Pies n' Prose 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 23, 2020

We're back with another annual gift guide! You know what needs a change, though? My unhealthy obsession with reading gift guides JUST TO READ THEM. Especially when most feature the same products over and over again (ahem, Buzzfeed).

I always keep it real with you and my gift guides are no different. Below, you'll find unique items I discovered and truly loved over the year. I find each product worthy of a gift for the special friends and family in your life.

I hope you like my carefully curated list! Let's have some fun.

Note: Some products are sponsored and the brands have given me coupon codes to share. Others have affiliate or referral codes for more discounts. Happy saving!

gardyn tech system indoor garden gift guide 2020 sustainability


I have thirty flourishing plants (lettuces, herbs, peppers, etc.) growing in my living room! All with the ease of this (beautiful, decor-worthy) indoor gardening system. The hype on these is real. You can have useable produce in as short as a month. From the 30-minute installation, to the companion mobile app equipped with a virtual assistant, to the ridiculously easy upkeep, this system will literally change someone's life.

Perfect for: The intermediate sustainability, eco-friendly, desperate-for-a-green-thumb person in your life.

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Buy here.

aerogarden goodful sustainability indoor garden tech gift guide 2020


If the Gardyn is not in your budget, here's your next best thing. I, a former plant killer, have basil and tomatoes growing from this tabletop indoor gardening system for nearly a full year! An Aerogarden can run at a fraction of the price of a Gardyn, depending on the system size you select.

Perfect for: The beginner sustainability, eco-friendly, desperate-for-a-green-thumb person in your life.

Buy here.

nintendo switch lite gamer tech gift guide 2020
photo by digitaltrends

Nintendo Switch Lite

Now I know the Switch is going to be on every gift guide, but here's why I'm recommending the Lite. I use my Nintendo Switch daily. And I never dock it to the big screen or share a tiny remote control for two-player mode. If that's critical for you, go with the standard Switch. But if you're like me, and many others, the Lite is perfect for everyday use at $100 less. Plus the Lite has pretty colors lol.

Perfect for: The gamer or seeker of fun distractions.

Buy here.

budget friendly espresso machine under $200 amazon gift guide 2020

Yabano Espresso Machine

I don't have a formal review for this (yet), but I'm adding it to the list so here's a tl;dr for ya. I use this espresso machine every single day and it has not disappointed despite not being a fancy brand name machine. It is easy to use, there's a built-in frother, and most importantly, the espresso is delicious.

Perfect for: The coffee enthusiast.

Buy here.

working from home tech gift guide office work mouse 2020

Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Optical Mouse

Talk about a functional gift. A lot of us are working from home in conditions that might not be ideal. And we're working a lot harder these days. This mouse is the perfect solution for hand fatigue. I personally have tendonitis, so I'd have to stop at least 5 times a day to give my inflamed hands a break. With this mouse? Inflammation no longer!

Perfect for: The content creator, the office worker, the carpal tunnel victim.

Buy here.

budget friendly wireless headphones high quality tech gifts gift guide 2020

Sudio Tolv Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are essential in 2020 - who doesn't need a pair? The popular ones can get really expensive... and the cheaper ones lack in quality. Firstly, Sudio headphones are gorgeous! Sleek, minimalist, and aesthetic. They don't skimp on quality, either. The functionality is much like high-end popular options. It has its own charging case, too! All at a cheaper price.

Perfect for: The podcast and Spotify binger.

Disclaimer, formerly sponsored.

Buy here.

vegamour hair serum beauty skin care gifts gift guide 2020

Vegamour Advanced Hair Serum

I've said enough in my full review - this serum is seriously good stuff. Vegamour offers bundles, too! Which makes it a fantastic starter kit gift for someone who has been eyeing the product for a while.

Perfect for: The beauty and skincare connoisseur.

Buy here. Click here for $10 off your first order (referral, not sponsored).

health new years goals diet startup gift guide 2020


There's at least one person you know preparing to get back on track with their health after the holidays. Because kencko is branded and packaged as a set, it's another perfect starter kit! Everything about these instant smoothies is beautiful so it'll be a nice gift to unwrap. You can read my thorough review of it here.

Perfect for: The health conscious, the New Years goal enthusiast.

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Buy here.

travel safe cabin in the woods tiny house social distancing gifts gift guide 2020

Getaway House Gift Cards

Ya'll know I live for Getaway! I go at least once a year and have been for several years. I cannot recommend this experience enough, especially now where traveling is tough and being socially distant can be tougher. A tiny cabin in the woods trip is a vacation anyone can still do safely.

Perfect for: The traveler, the nature seeker, the one in need of peace.

Buy here.

pizza stone foodie loves gift nyc pizza gift guide 2020

Pizza Stone

Your foodie fanatic needs this! I, the food lover in my friend group, love my pizza stone. It literally changes homemade pizza from good to perfect. Seriously. NYC pizza expert approved. The stone cleans easily, it's easy to use, and I am aware most foodies won't buy it themselves, so do them a favor.

Perfect for: Foodies, those tired of eating soggy takeout pizza.

Buy here.

yeti mug traveler coffee lover stocking stuffer gift guide 2020

Yeti Mug

Confession: I used to be a mug collector. It was a problem. This was the last portable mug I ever purchased cause it's so perfect and I finally don't need another. It keeps beverages hot for a long time, which was a constant problem for my slow-sippin' self. It's well-built and gorgeous, too. I have a white mug, but there are a lot of color options. I think anyone would appreciate receiving a Yeti product.

Perfect for: Slow beverage drinkers, coffee on-the-go humans.

Buy here.

sustainability bamboo eco friendly stocking stuffer gift guide 2020

Bamboo Utensil Set

Takeout might be more popular than ever. But the handful of unnecessary plastic utensils is not a good move for the planet. A bamboo utensil set would be a great gift for anyone, honestly. The set comes with a fork, spoon, knife, straw, straw cleaner, even chopsticks! It's all conveniently placed in a canvas case so you can pack it all up and throw in your bag for whatever occasion.

Perfect for: Takeout binger, picnic enthusiasts, travelers.

Buy here.

I put a lot of thought into the above gifts and I hope you find one (or more!) to be worthy of a gift for your loved ones. I don't want to end this post without acknowledging that we should be shopping small and local, too. It's the most important year to do so! So if you're in need of stocking stuffers or extremely unique, special items, here are some shops to consider:


Forest Noir - dark, gothic, high-quality photography products (such as prints, bookmarks, notebooks, etc.)

Lo Art Co - literary inspired soy candles

Little Spooky Studio - adorably spooky art prints, pins, cards, etc.

The Vintage Cottage - thrifted home goods and decor

Lockwood Shop - curated home goods, quirky gifts, and fun items

Magic of I - sustainable and purely magical stationary items with a witchy theme

Kainku Handmade - handmade and high-quality (my personal favorite) face masks

Marked by Mary - handmade woodburned bookmarks

Happy holidays, friends!

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