Monthly Favorites | January 2021 Edition

Feb 5, 2021

I'm revamping this series in 2021! In 2020, I used this monthly post to keep you updated on whatever's happening in my life. But I already do that on Patreon and in my email newsletters (see sidebar)! If you're interested in the house hunt, NYC life, and all those other goodies, you can find me on the platforms I mentioned above.

This blog series will instead feature all the products I tried and loved each month. No frills and fillers.

What to expect: Mini (no BS) reviews of products, affiliate links, and discounts.

And with that, let's get started with January's favorites!

january 2021 favorites product list links affiliate discounts
product list.
snowflake mug | This is a high demand item based on your Instagram comments and messages! I have some bad news... it was a single, unique item. That's why I never linked it. But I'll link the Etsy store here because they have amazing items regardless. You might be able to ask the seller to bring the design back!

skull glasses | I 100% admit that this was an Instagram ad buy. But no regrets! When filled, these glasses display a gorgeous and well-designed skull. They are seriously impressive. There's no doubt people will be in awe of this beverage holder.

eden coffee roasters | Firstly, let me say that this company 1) donates 20% of profits to environmental causes organizations, 2) uses responsibly sourced and sustainable practices to make their coffee, and 3) makes some delicious coffee! I am using the Nicaragua blend and it literally smells/tastes like chocolate. (use code SARAH10 for 10% off)

patagonia frozen range jacket | I'm tired of purchasing jackets that hardly last me a year because they're not great quality. I needed something that would keep me warm in freezing temperatures but also last a lifetime. Patagonia's Frozen Range Jacket is all of the above PLUS they use 100% recycled materials. Keep an eye out for discounts - I got mine for 50% off!!

pelonis portable heater | This is a bit random but if you're suffering from unresolved drafts or cold spots in your home (or live in a crappy NYC apartment like me!!!), a portable heater is such an easy fix. Because it's compact, you can move the heater around wherever you need it. And it warms the area pretty quickly despite being compact.

eufy vaccuum | I didn't think a robot vacuum would be necessary but wow this thing is extremely helpful. It cleans the entire apartment while I'm working with just a press of a button from a connected app. I have two pets with dander and my hair falls, so this vacuum picks up a lot. It's been helping with allergies, too.

leuchtturm1917 | Everyone is looking for bullet journals at the start of the year. LEUCHTTURM1917 is known to be the "official" bullet journal. And I honestly think it's great. There's no need to buy anything unique or different (though you can if you want to) because this journal gets the job done. Easy pick.

yeti mug | It's winter, it's cold, and we want our hot beverages HOT. Seriously, I hate making hot coffee only to have it go cold in minutes. I swear by the Yeti Mugs. They keep my coffee hot for a very long time. I can actually sip and enjoy my drink rather than rush it down in 5 minutes.

That's all the recs for this month - let me know if you're picking up anything mentioned here! And if you have specific items you'd like me to test/link, feel free to send a message and I'll work that out for you. See you in February!

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