an update on the food blog.

Mar 4, 2021

I'm dedicating a blog post for this update because 1) I have exciting news and 2) I keep dropping random hints and I'm sure only a fraction of people have caught each update.

the conscious root food blog update

update #1: designs are confirmed.

This may seem like an unimportant update but I promise it's worth noting! For several months, I got stuck in the design planning because I wasn't sure how to showcase this new and exciting blog to you. My answer was here the whole time - The Conscious Root will have the same design, style, and feel of Pies n' Prose! Take a look around this blog... it'll feel familiar there. The choice was made so that you know exactly whose blog you're landing on when you click on it.

update #2: revamping the instagram tk.

What you see on the current Instagram profile for The Conscious Root will be changing in the upcoming weeks. It will also have the look and feel of Pies n' Prose! See why that first update was so important? Basically, expect The Conscious Root to be an extension of Pies n' Prose - just food forward. You can start following me there at any time.

update #3: photography edits confirmed.

Okay, this might be a slightly unimportant update for you lol. But it took me over six months to figure how I want to edit my food photos! I'm proud of this update! Be proud of me! You'll see these photos on the blog and on the Instagram.

update #4: you will be a major collaborator.

If you choose! My patrons are who I go to for sign-offs, opinions, and feedback. They helped confirm my food photography edits! If you want to play a huge role in the creation of The Conscious Root, join our Patreon coven.

update #5: top secret stuffs.

I just started working on an exclusive project that will be released before the launch of the blog. I can't confirm anything yet, but be on the lookout! It directly relates to The Conscious Root, my vegan health coach certification, and Pies n' Prose (Patrons will also gain early access to this info).

Alright so who is excited for this cause I seriously am!!! I can't wait to share more! I also appreciate your patience on the recipes - they will be here soon, promise.

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