2021 Care/of Review: Is it Worth it?

Apr 19, 2021

Many of you know I use Care/of and I've been using them for a little over a year now. That should be the end of the review, huh? Alright! That's it! You're welcome!

Lol, but seriously. I realized I should write a formal review for this vitamin service to help you decide whether or not it's the best option. As always, I'm here to keep it real. Is this stuff worth it?

care of review 2021 is it worth it vitamins

what is care/of?

Care/of is a vitamin subscription service built to make taking your vitamins personalized, easy, and convenient. You take a quiz, the service analyzes your results, and you receive a personalized list of vitamins just for you. Care/of will then send you a monthly supply of your items in individual, eco-friendly packaging.

The brand relies heavily on transparency. Each product has its own dedicated page to explain ingredients, benefits, studies, and suggested uses. They also value sustainability by carefully sourcing ingredients and ensuring their packaging is recyclable and compostable. You can check more out on their main site, but I personally appreciate the dedication and thought into every step!


Like I mentioned before, you have to take a quiz before you receive suggestions. Therefore, my results will differ from yours! The quiz asks about your overall health and wellness habits. It will take about 5 minutes to complete.

Suggestions range from vitamins to supplement powders, to any fun extras. It all depends on your results but it also depends on how much maintenance you're willing to put in! I am extremely low-maintenance lol so I only select vitamins.

I will also note that if you have dietary restrictions, Care/of has you covered. I am vegan and I get 100% plant-based vitamins.

You don't need to strictly follow their suggestions - you can select whatever and however many products you want. Care/of will also suggest retaking their quiz every once in a while in case your recommendations change with your habits.

Vitamins come in a box built with a little slot at the bottom. The slot is where you pull your daily vitamin packet from. I prop my box in the kitchen, grab a packet each morning, and that's that!

Care/of will email you when they assume your box is nearly finished and ask to confirm your next month's box. You can easily delay an upcoming box if needed. Care/of does not make this complicated.

Price varies depending on what products you select. I personally pay $37 for 5 vitamins (total 150) per month. That's $1.23 per day.


Extremely convenient: Having an expert's suggestion is already convenient enough for the average person. But having all the suggestions and products in one singular place is even more convenient! Say good-bye to your crowded vitamin shelf. Say good-bye to buying each bottle at different stores wherever available. Say good-bye to calendar reminders to reorder - all you need is this.

Value: Paying $1.23 a day might be expensive for some. And yeah, you might be able to find cheaper vitamins depending on what it is. But for $1.23 a day, I get a product and convenience and customer support unlike any other vitamin brand. I'll pay the few cents more.

Effective system: Let me tell you. I have never IN MY LIFE been consistent with taking vitamins. Not even fruity gummies work for me. I just hate taking ~things~ lol. Care/of makes this grab-and-go system so dang simple that it's practically full-proof. I've been taking these vitamins for over a year. That's remarkable to me. Oh, and they have an app that rewards you with carrots (their version of points for discounts or rewards) each time you take your vitamins... full. proof.


Can be pricey: Yeah, again, $1.23 can be pricey. For someone who isn't low-maintenance like me and might want supplement powders or more vitamins... this can definitely jack the price much higher than $1.23 a day.

so, is it worth it?

For someone who wants ease, convenience, and support to ensure they take their vitamins, Care/of is essential. It's practically perfect! Yeah, it can get expensive, but if you account for what you get in addition to the products itself this is well worth the cost. And if it's really not in your budget, you can customize or cancel with no issues.

So, are you going to give Care/of a try? Let me know in the comments!

If you have any questions, feel free to send a message on my Instagram.

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