Monthly Favorites | March 2021 Edition

Apr 2, 2021

Admittedly, I didn't discover much in March because I'm seriously budgeting right now (for the house) but I still have the recommendations for ya! Don't you worry!

To remind you! This blog series will feature all the products I tried and loved each month from my companion YouTube video. No frills or fillers.

What to expect: Mini (no BS) reviews of products, affiliate links, and discounts.

And with that, let's get started with my March favorites!

march 2021 favorites product list links affiliate discounts
product list.
brita faucet filter system | Friends, this is a game changer! Having your faucet filter water directly (rather than paying for a pitcher and replacement filters every couple months) is much more cost effective and easy. Especially if you drink a lot of water (you should) and need access to clean water frequently.

spero cream cheese | While this isn't my favorite vegan cream cheese for bagels, it's my absolute favorite for creamy sauces! The herb flavor is a perfect base for a flavorful, cheesy, delicious alfredo sauce.

dancing skeletons sweatshirt | This is officially the cutest sweatshirt in my collection. How can you not love those celebratory skeletons?! You know it had to be an Etsy find.

crayola super tips markers | I've mentioned these markers before but a little refresher because! You do not need aesthetic/fancy markers to bullet journal! I left all my mildliners in the office but it's okay because these work just as well.

widgetsmith | This is not a physical product but it is a free app. I used this to create the cutest, aesthetic, and personalized homepage on my iPhone. Very easy to use.

That's all the recs for this month - let me know if you're picking up anything mentioned here. And if you have specific items you'd like me to test/link, feel free to send a message and I'll work that out for you. See you in April!

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