Monthly Favorites | April 2021 Edition

May 7, 2021

April was a good month to try things! I was feeling a little experimental this month, not sure why... maybe I'm growing sick of living in limbo while I simultaneously move out of the apartment. Either way, I got a fun list for ya.

To remind you! This blog series will feature all the products I tried and loved each month from my companion YouTube video. No frills or fillers.

What to expect: Mini (no BS) reviews of products, affiliate links, and discounts.

And with that, let's get started with my April favorites!

march 2021 favorites product list links affiliate discounts
product list.
depop shop @mmackean and @bleachytees | I got the cutest pair of crop hoodies from mmackean and the seller was super sweet! She took the time to launder the clothing before (quickly!) shipping it my way. And if you're looking to hop on the bleached tee trend, @bleachytees has tons of cute designs/color palettes to choose from.

e.l.f wow brow | I have naturally thick eyebrows so I like to keep them tame with a little pomade. This tinted brow gel is perfect for keeping my brows neat while also subtly boosting its color which I kinda like!

bitchin' chipotle sauce | Ian puts this on EVERYTHING. I'm not joking - pastas, breakfast, sandwiches, takeout... everything. He loves it. I do, too! It's smoky and flavorful all in a few ingredients!

vegamour hair ties | I swear I don't work for vegamour lmao. These hair ties are super cute! They come in a little drawstring pouch, too. But I love them mostly because they don't! break! my hair!

daily harvestI have to do a full review for this soon but I highly recommend just from my first box. The grab-and-go style meals are super quick to prepare and actually have flavor. Like for real. And it's vegan.

care/of app | As you know, I recently wrote a review on this vitamin service. But I just downloaded the app this month and I use it daily for tracking. The tracker helps me to not forget taking vitamins plus I earn rewards!

That's all the recs for this month - let me know if you're picking up anything mentioned here. And if you have specific items you'd like me to test/link, feel free to send a message and I'll work that out for you. See you in May!

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