Monthly Favorites | May 2021 Edition

Jun 4, 2021

May was unintentionally themed with regard to the new things I tried lol. I just happened to discover a lot of foodie items! Didn't plan it... but I don't mind it. So here we are with a themed blog post for the honest fun of it. I hope ya'll are hongry!

To remind you! This blog series will feature all the products I tried and loved each month from my companion YouTube video. No frills or fillers.

What to expect: Mini (no BS) reviews of products, affiliate links, and discounts.

And with that, let's get started with my May favorites!

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product list.
chocolate chip skillet cookie by sweet simple vegan | Chris and Jasmine are some of my very favorite creators online and their recipes are go-to for me. They just know how to make a great recipe... simple! This is the easiest chocolate chip cookie recipe and it tastes delicious.

bareburger vegan fish sandwich | New release! You have to give this a try if you're a fan of fish burgers (like I once was). It has the flavor, it has the texture, it has the little specks of veggies throughout! And the toppings were A+.

hungryroot bell pepper onion sauté | This product is totally not necessary but it's extremely helpful if you're a meal prepper. The amount of time this pre-chopped veggie mix saves me is unreal. But also, Hungryroot is a great brand overall. Here's my (outdated) review from the blog.

trader joe's almond butter pretzel nuggets | I'm not a snacker but these almond butter-filled pretzel bites are proving otherwise. They are seriously so addictive! The filling isn't overwhelming and the pretzel is addictively salty. I personally can't eat just one. Impossible.

trader joe's vegan caramelized onion dip | I never had non-vegan caramelized onion dip before but this stuff is impressive! It's creamy and super savory, which is my personal favorite flavor combination lol. I used it to dip fries + carrot sticks.

annie's vegan + gluten free boxed macaroni and cheese | Now here is an impressive boxed mac and cheese. You don't expect much with a boxed mac let alone a gluten free one, right? The texture of the pasta was actually spot on and NOT mushy! Sauce was a little thin but tasty and easy to cook down into a thicker consistency.

blackberry sumac spread | Before I even begin: this spread + kite hill cream cheese + bagel. Do it. About the spread, though. It's so good. Pricey for a jam but the most flavorful one I've ever tried. Highly recommend if you like a strong blueberry flavor.

takeya 40 oz. water bottle | I got this water bottle simply because a similar popular brand was too expensive. I got this one for less than $30! And it works just as well - kept my water ice cold sitting out on a 90 degree day. It is now attached to my hip.

glass spice jars + custom labels | I found this idea... likely on Pinterest. It is simply glass spice jars that you add your own labels to. It might seem unnecessary but we know the struggle of spice racks! All that plastic, all those mismatched and confusing labels. This DIY fixes all those issues.

haden retro-style toaster | I cannot bring myself to spend $200 on a toaster (ahem, popular retro home appliance brand). But I still wanted a cute and retro style toaster! Haden works incredibly for a brand I never heard of and it's priced at a fraction of those toaster prices.

That's all the recs for this month - let me know if you're picking up something mentioned here. And if you have specific items you'd like me to test/link, feel free to send a message and I'll work that out for you. See you in June!

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