The Pies n' Prose 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 19, 2021

I don't know if you know this about me but I love a good gift guide. Partly because, yay, someone did the work for me! I don't need to mindlessly search on my own! But also, I love anything carefully curated. I believe any guide, not just the gift kind, should have a level of thought and charm to it. That extra thought encourages me to shop directly from the guide. I actually use gift guides year-round for celebrations, events, etc. (feel free to steal that idea).

With that being said, my holiday gift guide is surely curated. Each item mentioned below is something I personally use, love, and stand by. I wouldn't recommend anything but the best! If you're a frequent reader of this blog you might even spot repeats from my monthly favorites posts because they are genuine pieces I love and find to be worthy for gift giving.

The list below will be in order from most expensive to least. Numbers on the graphic will refer to the applicable item description. You can click on the item name to access the link. Some links are affiliate and are at no cost to you! It just means that I will make a small commission from those links you use. Happy Holiday Shopping!

myx fitness bike (from $1,399, with $600 in savings at time of writing this post!)

Not only is this indoor fitness bike functional, but it's pretty! It does not come off as an eye sore even while living in my bedroom. Speaking of functional, the (huge) screen has tons of classes based on difficulty, soundtrack, and trainer. The fitness tracking is a fantastic plus. The quality and results are here at a fraction of the cost of the more popular indoor bike brand.

patagonia frozen range jacket ($600, on sale for $418.99 at time of writing this post!)

This jacket comes at a high price but I don't think I'll ever need to buy another in my lifetime. Or at least for many years. This winter coat can withstand some serious cold temperatures and wind. My favorite part about it are the pockets and features sewn in to make sure my hands(!) and head stay super warm. I will note that the insulation is from down but it is 100% recycled down.

google pixel 6 pro (from $599 or $24.96/mo for 24 months)

I've only had this phone for a month but it's already such an important companion in my life. Lol that sounds dramatic but I rely on my phone for just about everything, so I need a phone that can keep up with me. This one surely does the job. And if you need the highest end of phone camera quality, it's in this phone. I have used every model (except the A series) of Google Pixel phones and they are top notch.

always pan ($145, on sale for $99 at time of writing this post!)

I am absolutely serious when I say this is the only pan I own. It's the only pan I use. So yes, literally my always pan. I think enough said, right? It's beautiful, it's functional, it has not let me down after a year of heavy use. At first I thought the price tag was extreme, but for the amount of things you can use this pan for, it's almost a steal (especially with their current sale happening!). The color I have is Steam.

eufy vacuum ($140, on sale for $70 at time of writing this post!)

If the sale on this isn't enticing enough, let me tell you how this vacuum has helped me. I have a cat and fluffy rabbit. I can't live among them unless I vacuum at least once a week. And now with living in a larger space... you know how long and painful it would be to vacuum that much that often?! My baby wrists cannot handle a standard vacuum! In comes the robot vacuums, like this one, that does this laborious task all on its own. I think it's one of the best modern tech inventions.

compost bin ($64.90)

For the Earth conscious people in your life... or honestly anyone because we should all be Earth conscious people! Not a single bit of compostable scraps go to waste in this house. My compost bin sees more action than my garbage bins at this point! This one is big enough to last a long time (I've been filling it up for 6 months and there's still space) but also small enough to live on an apartment balcony. It'll be especially helpful for people who need to commute to compost sites.

soil & clay ($4.50-$89)

I would first acknowledge that you should support local nurseries and buy plants from there if you have the option. But! If you don't have the option, say you live in a big city, this brand is a fantastic place to shop from! They have a large variety of plants with a large variety of price points. The website also gives great details about care, maintenance, etc. Lastly, they package and ship plants with so much care.

takeya water bottle ($35)

Give the gift of an emotional support water bottle. Trust me, we all need one. This bottle goes everywhere I go and I love it so much. It keeps my water cold for at least 9 hours (that's the longest I've gone without drinking from it). It also keeps water hot for the same amount of time! I love the size, too. A 40 oz. is good to last you at least a half day. With the sleek white design exterior (that's the color I got), it's pretty sitting wherever you sit, too.

aesthetic wireless clicky keyboard ($34, 10% off at time of writing this post!)

I can't resist an aesthetically pleasing office item. For someone who works remotely or just has their own office space, why not give a gift of something pretty and functional? I love that this keyboard is super clicky and ASMR-worthy without looking like a wired gaming keyboard. It's wireless, so no clutter. It has its own color palette, so no rainbow lights. I think that allows for the owner to show their personality! As my friends say, this keyboard screams me lol.

macrame fuit hammock ($30)

I've had my eye on this hammock for so long and now that I have one I can say it's so cute! It gives so much charm to the kitchen space. I love that it beautifully displays fruits and veggies without taking up counter space. Making use of under cabinets is such a clever idea! The installation also took minutes. So simple and yet has become one of my favorite spots in the kitchen.

hunt a killer interactive games ($30)

A friend gifted me this on Halloween and we had such a blast playing it. If you've got a true crime junkie in your life, do them a favor and get them this game. I was fully immersed in this murder that needed to be solved and the evidence pieces we needed to put together to reach the end of the story. Let me tell you, this game had a bunch of adults scouring over details and notes and theories for hours. So fun!

framed art ($15, prints on sale at time of writing this post!)

Something like framed art is so meaningful as a gift. It shows you thought of an art style that vibes with the person! It might even have a subject that the person loves. What takes it to another level is framing it yourself before gifting. That little extra effort makes it even more special and thoughtful. My small art prints look great in a frame and I think bundling the pieces can kickstart a potential gallery wall!

reusable produce bags ($12.97, 5% off at time of writing this post!)

I've had these produce bags for years and they have yet to wear down, even after heavy use. I buy lots of fruits and vegetables. I usually buy pounds of potatoes at a time, too! These bags are always at hand when I'm doing groceries. And because of their mesh material, they don't get soiled with wet or dirty produce. If they get a little messy, they're easy to rinse and clean.

gift card from (starting at $10)

Once more for the people in the back: Do not buy your books from Amazon!!! And maybe stay away from large corporations, too. It is monumental for books to be purchased locally and from small shops. But I have been privileged to live in areas where small bookstores are plentiful. is your next best option. This online bookstore gives a percentage of their sales directly to small bookstores. Their focus is to financially support indie bookstores. And it's just as easy to shop through as Amazon.

bujo kit from muji ($0.50-$11.90)

This time of year is where a lot of people are preparing to add productivity habits into their life. Help them out with a bullet journal kit from muji! Muji does not sell bullet journal kits, but they do sell extremely affordable and high-quality stationary. You can pile your cart with all the essentials and have a kit assembled for less than $30. I personally do this right before a new year!

I'll end this year's gift guide by emphasizing that small, independent stores are heavily reliant on holiday sales. Sometimes these sales make up for most of their year's revenue! So while some of the above items that I personally love are from large companies, I'd like to also encourage checking out local gift shops in your town, small shops on Etsy, or even DIYing some holidays gifts this year. Every little bit counts! Your clicks, support in my Etsy shop, and likes are also monumental to me as a creator. Thank you so much for reading! Happy holidays and happy shopping!

photo credits: shape magazine (myx); patagonia (jacket); amazon (pixel; compost bin; keyboard; game); cnet (always pan); good housekeeping (eufy); soil & clay; target (water bottle); macraYAYmacrame (hammock);; muji

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