Summer Reading: Making It Fun!

Jun 27, 2017

Summer is known to be the lowest point for reading. I get that. Who wants to spend their summer reading after a whole school year filled with required text? It totally makes sense. I've done this for many summers as a student! Here's the thing about it, though. When you go on a hiatus from reading, it's super difficult to get back into that routine and you might give it up altogether. Why? Because it's mind-engaging. It requires some effort. And it's easier to do other things that require much less effort. So I challenge you to get reading done this summer AND have fun while doing it. Here are some ways you can accomplish that:

Pack A Book. Always.

Going on a vacation to another country? Pack a book. Heading to the beach? Pack a book. Road trip? Pack. A. Book. When you bring a book with you, it opens up your chances of actually reading. What good is it doing on your nightstand? Traveling is the perfect downtime to flip through pages. And beach reading is surprisingly fun. Entertainment + Fabulous Tan = Hell yeah!

E-Readers Are Summer's BFF

Because Summer is about being outside, your bag is probably stuffed with day-long essentials. That means lugging a 400-page novel around isn't gonna work. I love my e-reader for moments like this. I can toss it into my purse or carry-on and I have access to hundreds of books at half the weight. Plus, there are options for e-readers that have NO glare(!) which means no squinting, no headaches, no hassle.

Let's Make It A Date

Reading doesn't always have to be done solo. Text a friend (or partner), plan a meetup, and read together! I spent many summer afternoons reading with friends and it was a great experience. We'd blurt out reactions and thoughts which felt like we were having a gossip session -- but for books! Afterwards, we'd have a chat about what happened in our stories.

Book Clubs (That Don't Ask For Much)

Some book clubs are high-maintenance. It can become a chore to be part of something that requires too much of your time. Try starting a book club that's light-hearted and fun. You can create a group text on your phone to discuss chapters or character developments. Make meetings into mini "parties" with food, drinks, games, and themes. And don't forget movie adaptation nights! The key is to make the experience worth getting into.

Summer's Golden Rule: Keep It Light!

No matter what you decide to do, make sure you're keeping it light. Pick fun genres, nothing too heavy. Mysteries and romances are always a great option. You don't have to tackle 500-page novels or Shakespeare during your vacation time (but if that's your thing, go for it!). Reading shouldn't feel like an assignment. This is your time to have fun!

What are your summer reading habits? Do you try new and fun ways to keep reading? Share your ideas with me! I'd love to hear them. Happy reading!
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