My Favorite Apps for Surviving School

Sep 22, 2017

It's been about three weeks since I've started school. Here's the verdict: Everything is going GREAT! I'm loving my classes and the workload is being managed superbly. If you've seen my recent post on surviving school, you'll know that I rely on a few things to get work done (and if you haven't, check it out here). Some of which are phone apps. Now don't let anyone fool you -- apps can be extremely helpful for school. Not all of them are distracting, so long as you download the right ones. Here's a list of apps I love to use. They're fun, interactive, AND helpful in getting work done with minimal stress!

My Study Life (Android, Free)
This is the ultimate school planner EVER. I absolutely love it. It's like a planner, but everything you enter is integrated into a calendar along with notifications. Once you add your classes, you can input assignments, exams, deadlines, etc., and the app lets you know when things start to pile up so you can plan accordingly. It's color-coded, organized, and simply put: The quintessential app for students.

LitCharts (Android + iOS, Free)
It's like Sparknotes but newer. And better. The summaries and comprehensions go side by side in a really organized way. Colors come into play by sorting out themes and ideas. It really helps you understand the content of your reading. No more blank faces when the teacher calls on you!

Pocket (Android + iOS, Free)
Pocket helps you keep article readings from psychology and english classes separate. The best part about it? It's compatible with every other app in your phone. Just click save, send it to Pocket, and your articles are there. It's also available for offline use, so you can read posts while saving on mobile data. I like to use Pocket for school reading AND favorite posts from bloggers.

Google Keep (Android + iOS, Free)
Keep is my go-to list app for EVERYTHING. It's so easy to use -- you can make notes, lists, drawings, and audio notes. There are colors to choose from so you can color-code, or create tags so everything gets clustered into related subjects. My favorite part? You can access it online! I have my Keep lists literally every and anywhere.

Google Drive (Android + iOS, Free)
No, you don't need Microsoft to get work done. I haven't paid nor used it in years. Drive has all your schoolwork needs -- things like word documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides, folders, and templates are all available in one easy-to-use location. What makes this app shine is that it's cloud-based. So you can access your files anytime, anywhere. No more USB's on a string!!

Duolingo (Android + iOS, Free)
Learning a new language? This app turns that into a fun gaming experience. Topics are divided into different sections and each section is like going through a game round. Multiple choice questions, speaking aloud to your phone, and matching words together are some things you can expect. And yes, you actually develop the language skills without even realizing it!

Quizlet (Android + iOS, Free)
This is another learning/game app, but with a bit more freedom. Quizlet allows you to make your own flashcards while providing games in the topics you're trying to learn. This isn't just for languages. This can be used for midterms, quizzes, memorization, and overall studying efficiency.

Simple Habit (Android + iOS, Free)
Picture this: I'm sitting in a stuffy train in the middle of NYC. I'm late for work, there's no space to read for class, and someone next to me smells. But! I'm... relaxed? True story. This app has tons of options to mediate, usually guided by a soft-spoken person. Meditations range from 5-30 minutes, with an on-the-go option (hence my train mediation). It has helped me relax every single time. You're going to need that come finals week.

I hope these are helpful! Which apps are you going to try? Which are you already using and loving? I'd love to hear your thoughts. And if you've got any recommendations, send 'em over please!

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