My Autumn Essentials

Oct 26, 2017

Thanks to the feedback from my amazing(!!!) followers on Instagram, I've created this post. Autumn is peak *me* time -- I'm more in tune with nature, my body, and mindset during this time of year because E V E R Y T H I N G about autumn gives off good vibes. I've compiled a list of items that are essential to making my autumn experience the best.

C L O T H I N G - Jean Jackets, A Go-To Cardigan, + Booties

Jean Jackets: They're sturdy enough to keep me warm, yet light enough to embrace the subtle chill. I have one in classic denim + one in black so they work with any outfit.
A Go-To Cardigan: Cardigans are perfect for indecisive weather. Here's my tip: EMBRACE ORANGE SWEATERS. It's the only time of the year where orange feels + looks *right*.
Booties: Great for coffee dates with my husband, great for nature walks + pumpkin picking.

B A K I N G - Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon, + Ginger

These spices are all I need to transform a dish into seasonal gold. I add them to pies, cakes, coffee, even PASTAS! Yum...

S K I N C A R E - Thick Brows + Skin-Saving Salve

Thick Brows: I haven't done my brows in over F O U R years! I just swipe Glossier's Boy Brow on + I'm ready to go. Thick brows + Fuzzy sweaters = Autumn chic.
Salve: Glossier's Balm Dot Com is a universal salve. This means it helps out with my parched lips + cracked cuticles. Plus, it smells D I V I N E (the birthday cake is so yum)!!!

H E A L T H - The Great Insulated Bottle

Getting a GOOD insulated bottle was one of the best things I've done. It keeps tea hot all day long, which helps me fight colds. If I do get sick, I fill it up with soup!

B O O K I S H - Bullet Journal

I'm new to bullet journaling + I love it. I keep my autumn bucket list, horror movie events, Halloween parties, and other important dates in here. And because I can customize it to my liking, I create idea spreads, like the one about this blog post in the photo!

C O Z Y  T I M E - Hot Coffee + Endless Amounts of Candles

We all know it. Warm beverages + candles are NEEDED in a cozy autumn setting. I like to cuddle up with black coffee (with a splash of caramel) + candles that smell like pumpkin bread or vanilla.

M E M O R I E S - Hipster Approved Instax

Favorite Instax photos from the past:
autumn foliage, kittens sitting among seasonal decor, sunflowers. Autumn has so much natural beauty + it makes for amazing photos. Instax gives it a push of nostalgia. I like to use them for journaling.

I hope you enjoyed my list of essentials! Which one did you love the most? Are you going to try any of these ideas? Let me know! I'd love to hear some of YOUR autumn essentials, too!

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