Hungryroot Review: Is It Worth It? (2018)

Mar 30, 2018

If you've been tuning into my Instagram stories for the past two weeks, you'll see that I'm obsessed with sharing my meal preps using Hungryroot. I've always wanted to try out a meal delivery box because:

  1. I have very little time to cook after work/school.
  2. I want to eat healthier, homemade meals.
  3. I want to hold onto my money. I live in NYC, ya'll. Rent is expensive.
If any of the things above appeal to you, keep reading! I have some helpful information to share. I'm going to break down my Hungryroot review in easy and precise points.

What is Hungryroot?
Hungryroot is a delivery service that provides simple, tasty, and healthy meals. They're 100% VEGAN. According to their mission, Hungryroot wants to recreate indulgent meals into healthier versions. From their site: "We’re on a mission to make healthy living easy. We do that by creating wholesome, convenient and indulgent foods and delivering them directly to your doorstep."

What do they offer?
There are two boxes to choose from: The Starter Set box ($69) and The Good Life box ($99).

  • The Starter Set comes with 3 meals (2 servings each) and 4 sides/sweets/snacks.
  • The Good Life comes with 5 meals (2 servings each) and 5 sides/sweets/snacks.
You can let Hungryroot randomly choose meals for you OR you can customize your box based on their large monthly menu selection. You can also request a free physical booklet of their monthly recipes.

Let's get the technicalities out of the way:

  • Packaging: The goodies come in a big box filled with insulation and dry ice to keep your food fresh for a couple of days. So if you come home late from wherever, your food will be just fine. There's an invoice sheet that states all of the ingredients you ordered and what recipes those ingredients will make. Super useful for me to keep track of what I'm making and what I have left throughout the week. There's also that recipe book I mentioned before.
  • Timing: You can set your delivery day to your liking. I set mine on Monday because I want to start a new week with new items. With the two orders I've received, there has never been an issue.
  • Design: The ingredients come in individually wrapped packages. The logos are really colorful, which is fun! But more importantly, everything is packaged so that there is little to no guesswork in terms of serving size, measuring, etc.
  • Recipes: Hungryroot made it a goal to have these meals done in 10 minutes or less. Each recipe is extremely easy to read and recreate, usually only needing one pot!

Now, let's talk food
I won't go through every single meal. Let's just go through my top two BEST and WORST. I'll also add in a dessert so you know how that turned out.

  • BEST #1: Pad Thai Fried Rice

Time to cook: 9 minutes
Difficulty: Extremely easy
Taste: The Thai flavor was both surprising and impressive! The peanut sauce really brought the whole dish together. The tofu nuggets were extremely flavorful with a nice hit of spice. The cauliflower rice was tender yet held its crunch for a perfect rice-like texture. I gobbled this right up!

  • BEST #2: Spiced Coconut Sweet Potato Soup

Time to cook: 9 minutes
Difficulty: Easy to medium
Taste: Another flavor-packed dish. The coconut curry sauce had so much spice and curry flavor -- all I needed was a plate of naan and it'd be like my favorite takeout! The texture was thick at first, but as instructed, I added a bit of water. It became a silky, smooth, creamy soup that I will hold close to my heart.

  • WORST #1: Red Pepper Sauteed Sprouts

Time to cook: 7 minutes
Difficulty Extremely easy
Taste: I'm going to be totally biased on this one. I hate brussel sprouts. To my defense, I let Hungryroot choose my first box for me which is why I got them in the first place. I thought perhaps the recipe would be so amazing that it'd make me like brussel sprouts. It did not. Though the red pepper sauce had a nice Southwestern flavor, it could not persuade me to enjoy this dish. Bleh.

  • WORST #2: Crunchy Carrot Lentil Mix

Time to cook: 0 minutes (no prep needed, just open and eat)
Difficulty: Extremely easy
Taste: This is more of a texture issue rather than flavor issue. There were tons of onion and herb flavor, which was the only reason why I finished it. However, the texture was not fun. The carrots weren't as crunchy as expected and the lentils were overwhelming. Getting that grainy lentil texture over semi-crunchy carrots was not pleasing.

  • DESSERT: Vanilla Bean Snickerdoodle Dough

Time to cook: 0-18 minutes (depending on whether you eat it "raw" or baked)
Difficulty: Extremely easy
Taste: I was extremely impressed with this cookie! I opted for the baked version. They came out with a perfectly crunchy edge and gooey, warm center. These cookies were full of vanilla and cinnamon flavor! I definitely didn't feel like I was eating a healthy dessert -- these were indulgent and delicious.

Value breakdown
BOTH The Starter Set and The Good Life boxes value at around $5-$7 per serving. So the only difference between boxes is obviously the number of meals. You'll need to consider how much Hungryroot you want in your life: A casual amount for a few meals a week, or a heavy amount to rely on most meals.

I am SOLD by Hungryroot and their mission. As a busy New Yorker, I usually have the time to cook 1-2 meals a week. With Hungryroot, I've been able to get home and make full meals nearly every day. This is a LOT healthier than my usual takeout or boxed macaroni and cheese. It's also a LOT cheaper than takeout, where I typically spend $20-$30 in one order. For its price, ease, and taste, Hungryroot is a fantastic healthy meal subscription.
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