Stepping Out of My Genre Comfort Zone (Plus Tips So You Can, Too!)

Jul 26, 2019

Thriller and horror are the names of my game. It’s what I want to read all the time. I can’t help be the *spooky* gal that I am! But I think I should step out of my comfort zone every once in a while to give other genres a try.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy other genres. I just don’t dedicate time to reading them because I have generally lost track of time (this is a personal issue but we don’t need to discuss it... it’s fine...). In an attempt to get my life together, I’m making it a goal to try varied genre-reads. Here's what I’d like to try:

Graphic Novel

Short and approachable. I’ll start with a memoir because I just received this stunning book called The Lie and I cannot wait to get into it.

Can we all stare at this cover forever? It’s one of the prettiest I own, I’m sure of it. But also the title is mysterious and interesting in just two words and I want to know what’s going down in this it-actually-happened-cause-it’s-a-memoir memoir.

the lie amazon publishing reading tips

Here’s a short summary via Amazon:

Do you know me?, the email began, sparking tremors of fear that turned into a full quake of panic when William Dameron discovered that his selfie had been stolen by strangers. On social networks and dating sites, his image and identity—a forty-year-old straight white male—had been used to hook countless women into believing in lies of love and romance. Was it all an ironic cosmic joke? Almost a decade prior, William himself had been living a lie that had lasted for more than twenty years. His secret? He was a gay man, a fact he hid from his wife and two daughters for almost as long as he had hidden it from himself.

In this emotional and unflinchingly honest memoir of coming out of the closet late in life, owning up to the past, and facing the future, William Dameron confronts steroid addiction, the shame and homophobia of his childhood, the sledgehammer of secrets that slowly tore his marriage apart, and his love for a gay father of three that would once again challenge the boundaries of trust. At the true heart of The Lie is a universal story about turning self-doubt into self-acceptance and about pain, anger, and the long journey of both seeking and giving forgiveness.

Okay, what? Everything about the summary has me screaming. THERE'S SO MUCH GOING ON! Not only is there a mysterious element (which you know I love), but it also covers important topics I admittedly don’t read enough about. The LGBT+ community, substance abuse, familial situations... There’s a lot being addressed here that can resonate with a large audience. I appreciate that. William Dameron’s life sounds like one I wanna know about.

So now that I have a genre and a book, it’s time to read. I'll be sure to keep you updated via Instagram. I figured it'd also be helpful to share tips to help you get started with a genre you’re not comfortable with:
  • Read books recommended by your favorite authors. Chances are they found inspiration from those books and that’s going to help you ease into different genres.
  • Blind book dating - you know, the books covered in gift wrap with “personality points” to entice you? It makes choosing unknown books simpler. There’s also no cover judgement, which can mess with your choice if you’re not used to genre-specific covers.
  • Browse free options. Because if it’s going to be a book you’re on the edge about, you definitely don’t want to waste money if it doesn't work out. Check out the library (they have e-books too!).
  • Test the waters with short stories/literary magazines in the new genre. If you’re craving more, then you can confidently invest more time with a novel.
  • Apply little to no pressure. It’s not your comfort zone, so don't make things harder on yourself. If you don’t like the book, it's fine! Read something else, or go back to your favorites until you feel inspired to try again.

Let me know if these tips work for you. I’d love to know which genres are your favorite and which you’d like to read more of. Any similar to mine? If you’re interested in The Lie and want to read along with me, you can find it on Amazon Publishing along with other great titles they’ve been releasing lately. Note that this post was sponsored by Amazon!

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