The Best Horror Movies Of All Time (100+ Movies!)

Oct 15, 2019

You asked. And I am here to provide some spook!

Horror movies are my thing. I watch them every week, now daily since October began. Some new, some old, some habitually replayed. And I want to share the breadth of my horror movie knowledge so you can have a fantastically spooky Halloween season!

Because I've seen so many over my lifetime, this post is going to be a list. That's it. I have far too many titles to share and I'd probably make your browser crash with the length of it if I rambled about each one (but you can totally ask about any if you want!).

I suggest bookmarking this list to keep track. I'll actually update it as I watch and discover new favorites, so keep your eyes on that!

Below is my giant list of recommendations with sub-genre categories. If you're into psychological thrillers or slashers, you can find your pick easily. I'm also going to add in "cheese alerts" - you'll see what I mean, read on. Heck, I'll even throw in some bold titles to let you know I favor those in particular.

Don't come at me: Disclaimer! Every genre has bad movies! Horror can especially have some. Not every title on this list is a cinematic masterpiece with A+ performances. Some listed are cheesy, but I still enjoy them as a horror fan. And I'm not listing every movie I've ever seen, it's just the ones I like. (additional disclaimer: there are no vampire horrors here. I don't like vampire horrors. DON'T COME AT ME.)

scream gif horror movie

The Others
The Conjuring Series
The Exorcist
Blair Witch Project
The Devil's Backbone
Drag Me to Hell
The Witch
The Babadook
The Sixth Sense
Insidious Series
The Haunting of Connecticut
Oculus (semi-cheese)
The Last Exorcism
Dark Water (cheese)
Pet Sematary
Annabelle Series (very cheese)
Final Destination Series (cheese)
The Ruins
One Missed Call (very cheese)
The Ritual
Pan's Labyrinth
La Llorona (cheese)
The Happening (very cheese)
The Fourth Kind
Alien Abduction (cheese)
The Amityville Horror
The Innkeepers
6 Souls (cheese)
The Reaping
Hell House LLC (very cheese)
The Endless
Paranormal Activity Series (I recommend 1-3)

The Orphanage
Cabin in the Woods
Get Out
Gerald's Game
American Psycho
The Orphan (cheese)
The Uninvited/The Tale of Two Sisters
The Visit
The Invitation
Children of the Corn

Hellraiser (so much cheese)
The Nightmare on Elm Street
New Nightmare
You're Next
Scream Series (this series [excluding movie 4] is my life!!!)
The Shining
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Don't Breathe
Evil Dead
Silence of the Lambs
Saw Series
The Strangers
Prom Night
When a Stranger Calls (cheese)
Happy Death Day
Cabin Fever
My Bloody Valentine (very cheese)
The Collector
I Know What you Did Last Summer
I Am Not a Serial Killer
The Clovehitch Killer
Summer of 1984
My Friend Dahmer
The Den
Friday the 13th
A Perfect Getaway
Better Watch Out (purposeful cheese)
House of the Devil

The Mist
28 Days Later
Dawn of the Dead
Train to Busan
10 Cloverfield Lane
Night of the Living Dead
A Quiet Place
30 Days of Night (okay fine, there's ONE vampire horror)
The Crazies
It Comes at Night
Splinter (semi-cheese)
The Fog

(all monster movies have elements of cheese)

Shaun of the Dead
Jeepers Creepers
Adam's Family
Edward Scissorhands
You Might Be the Killer

Castle Rock
The Haunting of Hill House
Dark Places
Channel Zero (semi-cheese)
Supernatural (semi-cheese)
American Horror Story (I can only recommend seasons 1-3)
Stranger Things
Twin Peaks
Masters of Horror
The Twilight Zone
Horror Noir

There's a lot to choose from. I get if you don't want to look up every title, so I encourage you to leave a comment below on anything you're interested in! I will respond with quick summaries and honest reviews on anything mentioned above. I seriously LOVE talking horror, let's chat! If I missed your favorite, tell me so I can add it. And of course, let me know which you're most excited about watching. Happy spooky viewing!

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