2020 Goals & Practical Plan (+ team collaborating!)

Dec 31, 2019

Because I went through a rough time at the end of 2019, it felt right to set goals going into 2020. I'm not the type of person to create goals at the start of a new year, but this time I need to.

Honesty ramble: I have been struggling with creativity, balance, and holding myself accountable for the million things I am responsible for. I admit that I set standards way too high and I could easily pull back to make things easier for myself. But it's not the kind of person I am. It's not going to help my self-confidence. And I have the drive to keep going! I just need to get back into a steady stream.

I am setting three goals. Just three. This is most practical for me and I'm not trying to set myself up for disaster, ya feel me?

Below is a list of my goals and potential plans to execute them. If you're sharing any of my goals, let's do this together! I'm going to add a group collaboration call under each goal. Please do reach out and comment/DM on Instagram/chat with me anywhere so we can support each other.

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Save Money

Why: This is a common goal but I'm really focusing on it this year! We need a new car, mainly. Our current car is dying a slow death. I am also thinking of a career shift and I'd like to have some financial security in case I decide to make that shift.

Execution Plan: We're cutting costs by not going out as often. We used to go out to eat/drink nearly every day. We plan to cut that to 1-2x a week at most. We're also saving by comparing costs before making any purchases.

Predicted Result: Money will go mainly to groceries and social time will be cut down significantly. Which is what I need for my health, honestly!

Let's Team Up!
If you're trying to save money in 2020, let's chat. We can support each other by using a hashtag or group chat.

Regaining Balance

Why: I take work home. I stress about work. I neglect Pies n' Prose and downtime for work. I need my life to shift back to equal parts work, Pies n' Prose, and personal time.

Execution Plan: I need to stop stressing about work! And I need to spend less time there. I'll use my bullet journal to section days in three parts so I can schedule work, Pies n' Prose, and personal goals equally. I'm going to be strict about not letting work take over. Be strong, Sarah!

Predicted Result: I will initially panic about work not getting done, but eventually I will care less. I will go home earlier, which is needed. It'll free time up for Pies n' Prose, which will reopen my creative flow! And finally, I can just relax during any free time.

Let's Team Up!
If you're trying to create balance or work less in 2020, let's chat. We can support each other by using a hashtag or group chat.

Going Plant-Based/Vegan

Why: For health and environmental reasons! I love my body and I love the planet. I want to treat them better.

Execution Plan: The first step is to cut out red meat, which I've done already! Next, lean meats, fish, and eggs. Finally, CHEESE. All the while, I'll be looking for satisfying alternatives and adding lots of vegetables to my meals. I'm currently using apps to help with food diary entries and recipes.

Predicted Result: Eventually, I will become vegan! This is my hope. It may take several years, but it's okay. I'm excited about this journey!

Let's Team Up!
If you're trying to go vegan/plant-based in 2020, let's chat. We can support each other by using a hashtag or group chat. I've also started a Pinterest board for this!

Not gonna lie, this was more personal than expected. But I really wanted to share my goals and struggles. I think it's important to be open with you about why I've gone silent at the end of 2019. I also think this is the best time to support each other with the arrival of a new DECADE. I love ya'll so much. If you're struggling or working on any goals and need encouragement, please reach out. I'm here for you as much as you're here for me. Happy New Year, friends.

(p.s. I've got new videos coming to YouTube! The first being a fun Q&A. If you've got questions about 2020 goals or anything else, send them over!)
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  1. I'm hoping to figure out some more balance too. I don't tend to bring work home but I'm fairly new to working vs being a student so I'm still trying to figure out how to make the best use of my day and downtime.

  2. It can be tricky when responsibilities start to add up and time gets lost! I totally understand. If you want to join us, DM me on Instagram. Good luck with finding balance!

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    1. Thanks so much! It surely is an important topic.


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