June Favorites - Things I Learned and Loved

Jun 30, 2020

The sixth month of 2020 unexpectedly became a month of reflection. Not the shallow kind, the kind that sits in the pit of your belly. June started with George Floyd. It ends with the start of a reignited movement, a movement with fire that I hope will never extinguish.

I wanted to bring this series back to life - it's amazing how much can happen in one month. It's amazing how much we discover in one month! Here's a rundown of mine:
first month of solitude
I spent most of June at home by myself now that Ian has returned to work. I'm actually okay with being alone. I enjoy it a lot, though I do miss having my best friend around 24/7. It was a fun couple of months. We rewatched Friends, spent hours chatting, and spent plenty of time playing games! But alone time = more time to refocus on my online content which is much needed. Go me for posting a video two weeks in a row! My first streak. I have a lot of relearning to do - social media is endlessly changing. So I'm taking my June mistakes and doing better in July. Stay tuned!
and first social outings!
NYC has a long way to go before things return to normal. But this was the first month we participated in any social events! We had a couple of BBQs in my mom's backyard and last weekend we were invited to a vegan taco night. It was absolutely amazing! Our close friend has decided to go vegan and well, she's also a chef! So we were clearly pampered. The spread included: seven-layer dip, charred tortillas, vegan elote corn salad, and rice milk horchata. Let's be honest, themed food events are the best.

mood board collage june monthly favorites in photos

what i've been watching + (not) reading.
.I didn't get much reading done, as usual. I'm the worst book blogger! But I have a valid excuse this time - I was waiting for a book order and I didn't want to start something I knew I wouldn't finish in time. That's a good excuse! Now that I have Octavia Butler's Fledgling, it's time to get reading. I'll keep you updated in July.

Dark has returned for its final season. Everyone, PLEASE get on this show!! It's dark and eerie and nostalgic and dramatic and ugh, I just love it so much. I'm savoring the experience by watching one episode a week. But with only 8 episodes, I'm already dreading when the show will be no longer. Do me a favor and check it out?
some products I'm loving:
Vegamour - a vegan and natural hair serum for growth and thickness. I haven't had major results yet, but it feels promising! Hair progress shots are posted every Wednesday on my Instagram.
Digital Planner by AmmaRoseDesigns - this is so helpful for social media and marketing planning. The creator includes fun spreads to help kickstart your business.
Just Egg - As long as you have black salt, this product is essential! I've been making incredible egg sandwiches and burritos.
"Silk" Pillowcase - This is an underrated lifesaver for hair. I never believed it before, but this pillowcase prevents all the knots and nests! Seriously, your old pillowcase is bringing you down.
looking forward.
June has been mostly rough, but I can't say it was all bad. I've united with POC all across the world. I've taken up initiatives towards BLM. I've experimented with art and creating fun content. I got to sit out, breathe fresh air, and laugh among friends over vegan tacos. I start July with hope and newfound inspiration. And for the life of me, I hope I can finish a book, too.

How was your June? Any fun moments or recommendations you have to share? Let's get ready for the summer together!

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