September Favorites - What I Learned and Loved

Sep 30, 2020

September introduces the best time of the year. Hands down IMO. It might have been the most steady month for me in terms of stability and being able to... feel positive without simultaneously feeling miserable. Does that make sense? When I visualize 2020, it's like a balancing scale of dread and hope. The prior trying real hard to win. In September, hope won. Was it the same for you?
moving faster than expected.
We plan to move from our one-bedroom apartment by summer 2021. I didn't anticipate that I'd be viewing potential homes in 2020! We're doing that! I spoke more about this in my recent YouTube video, but it seems like fall will be the peak of our house hunt. Who would have thought? I don't mind, but it does make me a lot more nervous a lot sooner than anticipated.

The food website is also coming along well. We have a domain! I'm still designing so it's not available to see yet, but stay tuned. I'm on Twitter and Instagram if you're interested in those updates.

You might have noticed on the blog, but I've brought back email newsletters as the new "Cinnamon Pie Club"! I really missed my email fam and I've been considering bringing it back for the past six months. The return letter has already been sent!

September marks my one year anniversary on Patreon! Our little coven turns one! I posted a celebratory podcast talking about my experience with the platform, including actual regrets I had along the journey. You can listen to it here.

September Monthly Favorites Autumn 2020
some products i'm loving
Acure Brightening Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid Oil-Free Serum -  I went looking for vegan & cruelty-free skincare products recently and this brand checks all boxes! There's a firming sensation as soon as I apply this serum to my face which I like. My skin feels a lot less textured these days!

Skeleton Air Plant at Trader Joes - I saw this planter all over Instagram when it released so you know I had to grab one! Everyone asks about my skeleton plant when they see it. It's at Trader Joe's! And it's only $6!

Seasonal Stirrers - Add a little spook or autumnal charm to your beverages, even if it's just your morning cup of coffee. That's what I've been doing lately. I actually have leftover witch broomstick stirrers from last year's Halloween party but there are plenty of fun options on Etsy.

Zillow - I deleted all of the house searching apps on my phone except Zillow. It's proven to be the most useful. A lot of the other apps don't feature enough details, photos, or clear information. Zillow outshines in all of this and I've been able to communicate with realtors and loan officers with a tap of a button.
looking forward.
There was quite a bit to celebrate in September - solidifying huge projects, showing gratitude for successes, my birthday (that's today!)... I enjoyed my month. And there's a lot to show up for in October. If you're in the US, early voting starts soon. Let's keep showing up, showing support, and giving hope an advantage on the scales.

love sarah signoff


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