2020, My Year in Photos

Dec 31, 2020

Regardless of how ridiculous 2020 was, the year in photos must happen! But here's my problem. I lost a lot of photos when I got a new phone in the fall. I have no idea what happened! Somehow, photos from 2017 are available... but not all from this year lol. Maybe it's a sign? Either way, I'm making it work.

This "Year in Photos" will feature twelve photos from 2020 and a monthly reflective note. With that, let's get started!

indoor plants cute cat 2020 wrap up reflections
January: One great change + one horrible circumstance. I started 2020 by going vegan! But I was also dealing with a serious injury. [pictured: Logan posing by my windowsill plants]

cute cat photos 2020 wrap up reflections
February: We made our first HUGE purchase - a new car! Little did we know that driving would lessen a lot this year... [pictured: late night cuddles with Logan]

indoor garden hydroponics gardyn 2020 wrap up reflections
March: Lockdown in NYC officially began... right after I spent hours on a line (masked) waiting to get a tattoo! [pictured: my flourishing indoor Gardyn]

getaway house cabins social distanced travel 2020 wrap up reflections
April: A full month of transitioning into remote work + being at home with Ian all day, every day! We enjoyed it, was grateful to have him home. [pictured: me sitting by the infamous Getaway House window]

getaway house cabins solo traveling 2020 wrap up reflections
May: Starting to get used to remote work. Realizing that this new reality may be a reality for a while. [pictured: another shot of the infamous Getaway House cabin]

getaway house cabin cozy travel 2020 wrap up reflections
June: A traumatic, heavy, exhausting experience in America. Feeling hope, anger, and fear all at the same time. [pictured: sitting by the fire and reading during our Getaway House trip]

halloween 2020 jack o lantern wrap up reflections
July: A blur of a month... what even happened? I think I was working on my Vegan Health Coach certification? And a lot of Animal Crossing. [pictured: My 2020 Jack o' Lantern]

new imac unboxing 2020 wrap up reflections
August: Starting to become comfortable with showing my face online (despite doing so months beforehand lol). [pictured: my new iMac!]

social distancing activities nyc 2020 wrap up reflections
September: My birthday + (positive) turn of emotions for the fall season. [pictured: posing with my pumpkin at the pumpkin patch we visit every year as a tradition!]
new year 2020 gray hair selfie wrap up reflections
October: My favorite month of the year. Halloween was so different - no decorations, no trick or treaters, no festivities. We even drove around to check! [pictured: me at the start of 2020 with newly gray hair]

thanksgiving 2020 vegan pumpkin pie recipe wrap up reflections
November: Our first-holiday meal as vegans! Made a pumpkin pie that Ian adored. The family dinner was extremely small and lowkey. [pictured: my vegan pumpkin pie!]

the best vegan chocolate chip cookies recipe 2020 wrap up reflections
December: Saying a lot of goodbyes to 2020 (and good riddances!). Holidays were lowkey but still enjoyable. I'm just glad I was able to rest for a bit. [pictured: the best chocolate chip cookies made by yours truly]

Like I've said many times this month, BYE 2020! I'm ready for positive changes in 2021. I'd like to point out that 2021 won't be a light switch for the pandemic - we will be dealing with a lot of the same going into the new year. But I have hope that we'll be better prepared this time around. And I want us all to manifest positive goals for our future. I'm wishing the best for us. See you there!

love sarah sign off blog post 2020 wrap up reflections

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