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Oct 4, 2021

This edition of monthly favorites is delayed due to my birthday! I celebrated my 27th year on the last day of September, or what I prefer to call it, October Eve. It was a lovely, lowkey celebration: I had vegan ramen for dinner, watched lots of scary movies and played spooky games over the weekend, and attended some small celebratory lunches.

Most people find their favorite month to be their birthday month but there's too much about October that triumphs for me. For starters, Ian's birthday is in October! What's better than your favorite person having a birthday in the best month? And on the 13th for that matter?? Hello, Friday the 13th fans! It is also the month of our wedding anniversary (6 years), Halloween (duh!), and many autumnal festivities that we call tradition. I ramble on and on about these traditions each year so I won't be redundant. But living in a new state with a new house and new world realities... this year will be something. Memorable for sure. I'll be sure to carry you along.

What to expect: Mini (no BS) reviews of products/experiences, affiliate links, and discounts.

And with that, let's get started with September's favorites!

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halloween mugsI have a solid set of fun and random Halloween mugs. I think everyone should! If you're trying to find some gems, head to Homesense, Target, TJ Maxx, or Etsy!

wesley canopy bed frame | There was so much love for my new bedframe when I shared it on Instagram! I've always wanted a canopy style bed. It's unique, minimal, and super pretty. This frame has a gorgeous wooden headboard, too.

world market tufted corduroy floor cushion | Did you know that the adult version of a beanie bag is a floor cushion? News to me! I spotted this perfectly cozy one at World Market. Love the variety of colors - I went with burnt orange.

macrame fruit hammockPretty sure this hammock went viral on Buzzfeed or something a few years back. Now I can finally vouch for it! The hammock fits perfectly under kitchen cabinets and it's so pretty. Personally, I think it will help remind me to grab fruits/veggies more often.

warty pumpkinsThis is totally a new trend this year! We're all for the funky, discolored, and wart-covered pumpkins! It's just a cosmetic thing but these pumpkins are super unique - they will work fantastically for outdoor decorations!
blackbird frozen pizzasNo lie, this is the best frozen pizza I've ever had. Coming from your fellow New Yorker here!! Why do I claim it to be the best? The crust. It totally nails the classic NYC pizza crust style.

hidden valley plant-powered ranchI literally squealed when I got my hands on this. Reviewers have been claiming this tastes exactly like their original ranch. I am here to confirm. It tastes exactly like their original ranch... which means it's delicious.

homemade vegan pumpkin cream | ICYMI: the pumpkin cream or cold foam at Starbucks is not vegan. Luckily, I tried a ridiculously easy recipe at home that came out SO well in just a couple minutes!

trader joe's cinnamon korean pancakes | I went straight to Trader Joe's upon their fall items arrival. I didn't try every single item but I'm working on it! So far, these pancakes are the best thing you can snatch. It's buttery, flaky, warm, and so delicious.
other things.
enneagram testSo I finally took this test lol. My results are a 5! From the descriptions and character traits - it checks out. Linking the one I took here. There is a paid option but I only did the free part.

ultimate list of the best horror movies | I've been keeping this list going since 2019! Bookmark it for your spooky season watching - I will be continuously updating this month.

sitting out back on cold nights | Before buying this house, I took a look out by the deck and knew that I'd love sitting out there on cold autumn nights. Two big trees, silence, the perfect spot for a bonfire... I had my first evening out there on my birthday and nothing felt better.

That's all the recs for this month - let me know if you're picking up anything mentioned here. And if you have specific items you'd like me to test/link, feel free to send a message and I'll work that out for you. See you in October!

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